AI Vs. Hair: Innovative Black Woman Creates AI-Powered Parting Filter

By Oscar J March 18, 2024

If you’ve ever found yourself wrestling with achieving that flawless middle part while braiding, your struggles may soon be over, thanks to the inventive mind of TikTok user Krysanthum. Using the power of artificial intelligence (AI), she has crafted a groundbreaking filter to serve as a guiding light for symmetrical parting.

Courtesy of krysanthum/TikTok

In a viral post, Krysanthum, aka the braiding guru, revealed her brainchild to the world. “Do you struggle with your middle part? Well, obviously, me too,” she candidly admitted, setting the stage for her game-changing creation. With a deft hand and a dash of tech wizardry, she crafted a filter aimed at perfecting the elusive middle part.

The video clip showcased her seamless process of developing the filter using sophisticated graphics software. The filter, equipped with alerts, serves as a virtual assistant, drawing an imaginary line to demarcate the ideal middle part. By following the line, you will achieve the most accurate middle part ever.

The overwhelming response to her innovation speaks volumes. Within a short span, the post garnered over 200k likes, with more than 33k individuals embracing and sharing the filter in their own videos.

“This filter is so clutch,” exclaimed TikTok user Dann_Renee, echoing the sentiments of countless others who found solace in Krysanthum’s creation. With nearly 400k likes on her own post, it’s evident that Krysanthum’s filter has struck a chord among the braiding community.

Courtesy of dann_renee/TikTok

But Krysanthum’s journey doesn’t end here. She’s already set her sights on the next horizon, delving into the intricacies of the patent process and exploring the possibility of developing a dedicated app.

So, dear reader, will you be joining the ranks of those who embrace this revolutionary tool in their braiding arsenal? With Krysanthum leading the charge, the future of braiding just got a whole lot sleeker and symmetrical.