Hart House: Kevin Hart’s Booming Vegan Fast Food Joint

By Anthony K

In a twist to the fast-food industry, Kevin Hart, the renowned comedian turned entrepreneur, expanded his clean-eating mission to serve vegans. The latest addition to Hart House, his flourishing plant-based convenience food eatery set up shop in Hollywood on Sunset Blvd, marking its third establishment in just a few years.

Image courtesy of myharthouse/Instagram

Situated on the grounds of a former McDonald’s lot, this Hollywood location is making waves not only for its menu but also for being the first in the chain to feature a drive-thru. Hart, in a recent news release, expressed his excitement about bringing Hart House to Hollywood, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to offering a fresh and appealing alternative within the fast-food landscape.

“At Hart House, we are in the business of making people feel good, and I’m so proud of how fast we are growing,” Hart remarked. He envisions a future where Hart House restaurants are scattered across the nation, contributing to the evolving narrative of plant-based fast food.

The menu, boasting thoughtfully curated vegan options, showcases the brand’s dedication to providing health-conscious choices. From plant-based main courses to wholesome side snacks, Hart House aims to redefine the fast-food experience. Andy Hooper, the CEO of Hart House, sees their mission as creating a sustainable restaurant brand grounded in both high-quality employment opportunities and objectively delicious plant-based fare.

This expansion comes at a time when the demand for healthier fast-food alternatives is on the rise. Hart House, having launched just last year, has quickly become a player in this space with two existing locations in Los Angeles. The decision to set up shop on a former McDonald’s lot symbolizes a shift toward more sustainable and conscious culinary choices in Hollywood.

Image courtesy of myharthouse/Instagram

As people increasingly embrace healthier lifestyles, even in their fast-food choices, the growth of vegan fast-food establishments like Hart House seems inevitable. Market research by Vegnews predicts that the global vegan fast-food market is poised to reach $28 billion by 2033, reflecting a significant shift in consumer preferences towards more sustainable and plant-based options. With Hart House leading the way, it’s clear that the era of fast food is evolving to match the changing tastes of its patrons.