Supporting Diversity At Work: Transform Your Space With Black-Owned Office Supplies

By Jay S

Promoting Black-owned enterprises offers a significant avenue for fostering a more inclusive economy. When establishing your remote workspace, you can enact a positive influence by opting for office supplies provided by Black-owned labels. Here are some options to consider for a well-equipped and socially conscious WFH environment.

Source: @rachaelgorjestani/Unsplash

Harlem Candle Company – Desk Accessories: Elevate your workspace with elegant desk accessories from Harlem Candle Company. From stylish pen holders to beautifully crafted notebooks, these accessories reflect the brand’s commitment to quality and aesthetics. By incorporating these items, you’re not only enhancing your desk’s functionality but also celebrating Black craftsmanship.

Effie’s Paper – Stationery Sets: Effie’s Paper offers a range of vibrant and chic stationery sets that can add a pop of color to your work area. Whether it’s a set of stylish notecards, planners, or sticky notes, these products combine fashion-forward design with practicality.

Bright Black – Eco-Friendly Notebooks: Bright Black produces environmentally conscious notebooks that combine aesthetic charm with a strong commitment to the planet. Crafted from sustainable resources, their offerings feature modern designs influenced by African heritage. By choosing these notebooks, you’re making a sustainable choice and supporting a Black-owned business that values creativity and sustainability.

Source: @punttim/Unsplash

Royal Lioness – Desk Accessories and Planners: Royal Lioness offers a range of desk accessories and planners designed to empower women in their personal and professional lives. Their offerings serve a dual purpose of functionality and inspiration, equipping you with tools to maintain organization and foster motivation. By selecting Royal Lioness items, you’re contributing to a brand that focuses on empowerment and personal growth.

Jam + Rico – Desk Decor: Jam + Rico specializes in unique and vibrant desk decor that reflects Caribbean and African influences. Their products, including desk mats and mousepads, infuse color and culture into your workspace. By choosing Jam + Rico, you’re supporting a Black-owned business that celebrates diversity and adds a touch of global flair to your WFH setup.