Unmissable Content: 3 Captivating Shows To Enjoy On CLEO TV

By Jay S

If you’re seeking captivating and culturally enriching television content, CLEO TV offers a range of must-see shows that celebrate diverse perspectives and empower women of color. Here are three shows that you should definitely watch on CLEO TV.

Source: @nicolasjleclercq/Unsplash

“Just Eats with Chef JJ”

Culinary enthusiasts and food lovers will find themselves captivated by Just Eats with Chef JJ. Hosted by Chef JJ Johnson, this show combines mouthwatering dishes with cultural exploration. Chef JJ takes viewers on a gastronomic journey, highlighting diverse culinary traditions and infusing them with his own unique flair.

“New Soul Kitchen”

New Soul Kitchen redefines soul food by offering a modern twist on traditional favorites. Hosted by Jernard Wells and Porsche Thomas, this show brings innovation to the table while paying homage to the rich heritage of soul cuisine. Viewers can expect innovative recipes, cooking tips, and heartwarming conversations that showcase the connection between food and culture.

“Living by Design with Jake and Jazz”

For those interested in interior design and home transformation, Living by Design with Jake and Jazz offers a delightful journey into the world of decor and style. Hosted by sibling duo Jake and Jazz Smollett, the show revamps spaces to reflect the personalities and stories of the homeowners. From budget-friendly makeovers to stunning room redesigns, each episode showcases the power of design to shape and enhance lives.

Source: CLEO TV/Streaming Rant

CLEO TV’s programming goes beyond entertainment; it fosters a sense of community and connection by spotlighting stories and experiences that resonate with a diverse audience. So don’t waste time checking out some of their amazing content!